I create my sketches by applying ground charcoal powder to very large sheets of paper using delicate paintbrushes. This technique enables me to fill large areas, gradually working layer over layer of charcoal to form smooth tonal transitions and different textures. Thus the drawn figures are transformed into objects of vivid details, bursting out of the flat paper as if they have come to life.


My art is mainly figurative. What I find most interesting is to capture a special and unique moment, sometimes found in facial expressions and postures, images depicting moments of weakness or moments of power and transcendence – powerful on the one hand but vulnerable and fragile on the other. I am especially drawn to interesting body postures with which I can play – placing them in a vacuum, leaving them floating in mid-air, or integrated into an unnatural environment, combined with objects based on images taken from the water world or other dimensions of nature.

Reut Dafna painter and art teacher, Graduate Institute of Arts Tel Hai College. Participated in a workshop with the artist Germany artist Dirk Dzimirsky.

Her work has been exhibited in Israel and are in private collections.
Specializes in the unique technique of realistic drawing with charcoal powder with paintbrushes.

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